Salt Lamps

Salt Lamps

In the existing competitive world where the survival is only for the fittest; work load, business and routine life tensions put immense stress on our body & nerves. These things not only cause harm to our health but they also do not allow us to make sufficient efforts towards maintaining good health which results in diseases and some common problems including High Blood Pressure, Hyper Tension, Fatigues, Nerves Breakdown, Insomnia, Indigestion and Asthma etc. This raises the need of natural and effortless ways to cater such kind of problems.

Crystalline Rock Salt is one of the nature’s gifts and it carries a host of benefits. It’s one of the options provided to us by nature to take care of our health. Crystalline Salt has proven benefits. Scientific studies and extensive experimentation have shown that different treatments of natural rock salt significantly affect human health. The shape and use of natural salt depends upon the objective of the treatment being given. Primarily rock salt is used for the purpose of air purification, Speleotherapy, body massage and Aromatherapy.

Air Purification

An extremely important variable with reference to our health is the quality of air we breathe. Studies show that we receive 56% of our energy from the air we breathe, more than from water and food combined. In average we breathe 37 pounds of air a day, the equivalent of an Olympic sized swimming pool. This makes the quality of air we breathe very crucial. Breathing pure and clean air not only keeps us alive, but also allows us to think more clearly, sleep more soundly, and stay healthier.

Lamps made of Crystalline Salt are used as Air Purifiers. When salt portion of the lamp or tea light is gently heated through the bulb or candle; it emits “Negative Ions". Generally, a negative ion is an electronically charged molecule made up of oxygen. A positive ion in the air is a molecule that has lost its electrons through process of air pollution. In fresh country air we find up to 4000 negative ions per cubic centimeter - the size of a sugar cube. Near strong surf or close to a waterfall, up to 10.000 negative ions can be found, however the number of negative ions in major capital cities at rush hour does not even reach 100.


Speleotherapy is a unique use of crystalline salt.  This is done by keeping the patients in a room made of crystal salt and making them breathe the ionized air. Speleotherapy is mainly done deep in the salt mines. In a few cases artificial sanatoriums are created by preparing the treatment room with salt tiles which serves the purpose of salt mine.

Speleotherapy sanatoriums are preferably organized in old Salt Crystal Rock mines because of high concentration of Ionized Air already there. People sign up for 20 - 30 days Sanatoria course, and stay 900 to 1500 feet underground (depends upon the location & depth of Salt Crystal Mine) without going to the top. All living necessities are provided there; food, exercise, sleeping and living quarters. People with weak Respiratory system, Asthma, Allergy and immune deficiency problems take such therapies and come back up to the ground surface renewed, refreshed with improved Respiratory, Allergy and Immune systems. Most people leave home with an Ionizing Salt Lamp to continue the positive result of Speleotherapy they had in sanatorium.

Salt Massage

Salt Massage is another interesting use of Crystal salt is body massage. There are different types and ways of doing massage depending upon the purpose and the body organ to be treated. Both Sea salt and Crystal salt are used for body massage. Crystal salt powder, small crystal chunks, crystal salt stones and soaps are used for this purpose. It has proven benefits and it helps in copping with certain problems.

We at Pacemakers International take extra care towards making sure that crystalline salt used for massage powder and massage chunks are of the best available quantity and are free of any kind of impurities so that there are no chances of any kind of harm to the body of patients. Mostly White crystals are used for this purpose.

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